How to Safely Get Car Out of Snow || 15 Step-by-Step Guide

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If you live in a place that gets a lot of snow, like a Vancouver. Then you know how difficult it can be to drive and get around once the flakes start falling. Finding ways to keep yourself safe while driving through heavy snowfall is not easy, and getting stuck in your car in the middle of a blizzard makes it even more challenging. Fortunately, there are quite a few things you can do to get car out snow and reach a tow near me. The good news is that most cars can be manually operated from the inside with just a little effort. The bad news? Getting your car out of the snow may require some extra work on your part. Luckily, we have plenty of advice for you if you’re struggling to get unstuck one day or another. Let’s take a look at some helpful hints:


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Tools for getting a car out of snow

Whether trapped in a parking lot or stranded on the side of the road, knowing how to free your vehicle is essential. Thankfully, several tools and techniques can help you get your car out of the snow efficiently and safely.

  • Firstly, a shovel is a crucial tool to have in your car during winter. Compact folding shovels are ideal as they take up less space. The shovel can be used to dig around the tires and under the car to remove as much snow as possible. It’s important to clear the snow from behind the tires, as well as in front, to create a path for your vehicle to move.
  • Another helpful tool is traction mats. These mats are placed directly in front of or behind the stuck wheels to provide additional grip. They can be made from different materials such as rubber or metal; some are even designed specifically for use in snow.
  • Car owners should also consider keeping a bag of cat litter or sand in their vehicles. These materials can be spread around the stuck tires to provide additional traction and help prevent the wheels from spinning. They work by absorbing moisture and creating a rough surface for the tires to grip on.
  • A tow strap is another useful tool to have on hand. This will require a second vehicle, but it can be an extremely effective way of freeing your car from the snow. The strap should be securely attached between both vehicles, and then the second vehicle can slowly pull your car out of the snow.
  • Lastly, tire chains can be invaluable in snowy conditions. They provide extra traction by creating a solid grip between your vehicle’s tires and the slippery surface. However, these should be used carefully as improper use can damage your tires.

While these tools can certainly aid in freeing your car from snow, prevention is always better than cure. Regularly servicing your vehicle, using winter tires, and driving cautiously can significantly reduce the chances of your car getting stuck in the snow. Remember that safety should always come first, so if conditions are too dangerous to proceed, it’s better to wait it out or call for professional assistance.

1. Drive slowly and steady, you get your car out of snow

If you can’t get your car out of the snow, you may want to consider driving slowly and steadily. Although it seems counterintuitive for safety reasons, driving slowly (or slowly stopping) will allow you to dig your way out of the snow. When you drive at high speeds, your tires spin around in the snow, creating a cloud of dust and ice crystals that you can’t see through. At low speeds, though, you’re able to get a better look at the path ahead and see if you’re leaving a trail for yourself to follow. This method works especially well if your car is low to the ground, and you can get underneath it to dig into the side of the road. Please keep in mind that TNM is available to help you at any time.

Reasons to Drive Slowly in the Snow

  • Driving slowly gives you more time to react. When driving in slippery conditions, every second matters. So it’s important to give yourself that extra time to adjust to the poor visibility and icy roads.
  • Driving slowly increases your vehicle’s traction. The slower you drive, the more grip your wheels have on the road, making it easier to steer and brake.
  • Driving slowly gives other drivers more time to react too. Slowing down gives them a chance to see you and adjust their speed accordingly.
  • If you get stuck in the snow, driving slowly will allow you to get your car out of the snow without having to dig it out. And if you do end up in a ditch, driving slowly will reduce the risk of serious injury. So if you can, take it slow and steady in the snow. It’s much better to be safe than sorry!
digging car out snow tow near me | how to safely get car out of snow || 15 step-by-step guide | how to safely get car out of snow || 15 step-by-step guide

2. Digging Your Car out of snow

Digging your car out of the snow can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools and a bit of know-how, you can get your car out of the snow quickly and safely. First, make sure you have the right tools: a shovel, a scraper, and some kitty litter or sand. Then, clear the snow away from your tires, using the shovel and scraper. Once the tires are clear, sprinkle some kitty litter or sand around the tires for traction. Then, get inside the car and try to move it forward and backward a few times to see if it will start to move. If it does, be sure to drive slowly and cautiously until you reach an area without snow. If your car is still stuck, you can use your shovel to dig a ramp in the snow, so your tires have even more traction. Just be sure to take your time and be careful. With the right tools and these tips, you’ll have your car out of the snow in no time.[1]

3. The Floor Mats for getting the car out of the snow

One of the best tricks for getting your car out of the snow is by using floor mats. All you need to do is place the mats underneath the tires, providing enough traction to get your car moving. It’s simple, but it works! And if you don’t have the mats, you can use anything from an old rug to a scrap piece of wood. The idea is to find something that will provide enough friction, so your tires can get some traction.

traction control off tow near me | how to safely get car out of snow || 15 step-by-step guide | how to safely get car out of snow || 15 step-by-step guide

4. Traction Control off

If you find yourself stuck in the snow, one of the best tips to get your car out is to turn off the traction control. By doing this, you’ll be able to use your car’s natural power to break through the snow with more ease. You’ll also have more control over the direction your car moves in, which can make a huge difference in getting out of tricky situations.

5. Move the steering wheel frequently

Turn the wheel to get your car out of the snow and back on the road. All you need to do is turn the wheel. This simple maneuver can save you time, money, and energy. First, make sure your car is in the park and your emergency brake is set. Then, turn the wheel from left to right several times. This motion will help the car break through the snow and get back on the ground. The more you turn the wheel, the better your chances are of getting the car moving.

6. Rocking back and forth

There’s a simple solution: rock and roll! That’s right, rocking back and forth is a great way to get your car out of the snow. All you need to do is get your car moving a few inches at a time. First, accelerate gently, then let up on the gas and turn the wheel back and forth as you go. You’ll need to get some momentum going to get your car out of the snow. Keep at it and eventually, your car will break free!


7. Avoid the cruise control or autopilot

When driving in bad weather, it might be tempting to use the cruise control or autopilot to keep a steady speed or for more comfortable, but that’s not a good idea! Your car will likely accelerate to regain set speed if it skids. It’s easier to feel sudden wheel changes when your foot is on the pedal.

8. Check Exhaust pipes

Check your exhaust pipes if you’ve been driving through a snowstorm or ice storm. Carbon monoxide could leak into the passenger area if snow, ice, or other debris clogs the pipes.

9. Use winter tire

Winter brings with it an array of conditions that can make it difficult to get your car out of the snow. But there’s one surefire way to make sure your car can handle the cold and slippery conditions: change tires to winter tires. Do you know how to change tires? Winter tires are specifically designed to provide extra traction in snow and ice.

10. Make sure your tires are properly inflated

One of the most important steps you can take to get your car out of the snow is to make sure your tires are properly inflated. If your tires are under-inflated (or under-inflated), they aren’t getting enough air to keep your car moving forward. As soon as you begin to drive on the undisturbed snow, your car will get stuck. Even worse, you may damage your tires while trying to get unstuck. Under-inflated tires will also have a much harder time gripping the road, making them much more likely to get damaged. Get your tires properly inflated as soon as possible, and you’ll avoid a lot of potential damage.

11. Rolling stop slowly

As you approach traffic lights and stop signs, roll to a stop instead of braking. During snowy conditions, you shouldn’t have to hit the brakes as much. The process of getting going again from a full stop is much more difficult when rolling slowly.

car stuck snow tow near me

12. Ensure that all of your windows are closed and up-to-date

If your car is stuck in the snow, you’ll want to make sure that all of your windows are closed and up-to-date. The reason for this is simple: trapped air can cause a serious problem in your car. Air trapped inside your vehicle (especially in your doors) can expand and bust out your windows. If this happens, you could have a serious safety issue on your hands. Close all of your windows, plug any gaps in the rubber sealing around the doors, and make sure your doors are all up-to-date before you begin to dig your way out of the storm.

13. Break any snow or ice off the roof before trying to drive

If you can safely get your car out of the snow and onto solid ground, please break any snow or ice off the roof of the car. While it may seem like a good idea to break off a large chunk of the roof, doing so is a bad idea. Breaking off snow, ice, or sleet from the roof of your car is a very bad idea. Snow and ice are much denser than regular rain, sleet, and raindrops, meaning that the smaller pieces will stay on top, and you could potentially drive on them without realizing it. Breaking off any ice or sleet from the roof of your car is dangerous and should be avoided completely.

14. Stay Safe When Stranded in the Snow and Have Help on Hand

Hypothetical situations like this are great to prepare for and put on your “to-do” list, but in reality, they can be scary. If you’re stuck in the snow, call a towing company or a friend who can help get your car out of the snow. If you don’t have anyone else to call, try to stay calm and focused. Do your best to turn off the radio and cell phone, turn off the heat, and stay warm. Stay inside your car, do not go outside, and do not attempt to drive your car until someone arrives to help you. This can be a stressful situation, and a lot of things are much easier if you’re not in a rush.

15. Wrapping your car in plastic will keep you warmer

If you can safely get your car out of the snow, put it in a partially full plastic tub, bag, or barrel. Placing your car in a partially filled plastic container will help trap air inside the car, keeping you warmer. Plastic barrels are the best options, as they are both sturdy and affordable. You can find these containers at most hardware stores or even grocery stores. If all else fails, you can ask for help from a tow truck or a friend with a four-wheel drive vehicle.


You’re probably feeling overwhelmed and frustrated when you’re stuck in the snow. Being able to get your car out of the snow and reach a towing company as soon as possible can make all the difference. This isn’t easy, but it can be done. Follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way in no time. If you’re ever in this situation, don’t panic. Remember, you’re in the driver’s seat; you can get yourself out of this predicament. But, if you’re stuck in the snow and need help, don’t hesitate to tow truck booking online.

FAQ : Get Car Out of Snow

If your car is stuck in deep snow, try clearing the snow around the tires, use a shovel to create a path, or consider calling for professional assistance. 604 208 9090

While salt can help melt snow, using it directly around your car is not recommended. Salt can cause corrosion and damage to the undercarriage. Instead, focus on clearing the snow and using traction aids.

No, excessive revving can lead to spinning the tires and digging deeper into the snow. It’s best to apply gentle and consistent pressure on the accelerator to help maintain traction.

Snow chains can be helpful in extreme winter conditions, especially in mountainous areas. However, they are not always necessary for getting a car out of regular snow. Traction aids like sand or cat litter can often suffice.

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